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“Your mural is the perfect complement to the space!”
~ Shepley Bullfinch | Architecture Firm

“…The abstract and striated mural changes colors as it ascends towards the ceiling, documenting different aspects of human discovery, from the mechanical gears of one side to the artistic renderings of neural synapses on another. Bold and colorful...”
~ Philip Lederer | Staff Writer at SRQ Magazine

“After seeing Julie Kanapaux’s murals at the new state-of-the-art library at the Ringling College of Art and Design, I was drawn to her work of vibrant colors and intricate shapes. When I expressed my interest, Julie was most receptive to work with my existing space and decor. Her art is composed of dynamic, vibrant images in motion which are never tiring... a perfect accent over our contemporary fireplace.”
~ Alina | Art Collector

“Classy & classic.”
~ Jenny Kendler | OtherPeoplesPixels Blogger

“It looks amazing! Great work!”
~ Laura Atria | Public Art Program Manager

“Each of Kanapaux’s works launches us on our own journey in our mind where the only limitations are those we establish for ourselves.”
~ Mark Ormond | Curator & Art Historian

“Your work really adds a great dimension to the dynamics of thought. The perfect addition to a beautiful space.”  
~ Daniel | Art Enthusiast

“Kanapaux’s work is about space and perception. It is about our world and the great variety of stimuli we receive at every moment that influences how we ground ourselves in the everyday.”
~ Mark Ormond | Curator & Art Historian 

“Julie is a wonderfully talented professional with beautiful designs.” 
~ Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation

“Vibrant and inspiring work...”
~ Sarasota Day | Media Production Company

“Julie's detailed approach enables one to see with fresh eyes at every observation and find something new to explore within the piece. The artwork (pictured above) Monster is now a family possession that is not only the centerpiece of our home, but also spawns conversations of art in our community.”
~ Amy | Art Collector

“I’m loving it more and more. I really love the textures with the paint plus it’s just awesome!”
~ Marty | Art Collector