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Innovative solutions for large scale, digital and fine art.

Inspire your space with a unique creation by Julie Kanapaux.

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What People Are Saying

“Your mural is the perfect complement to the space!”

Shepley Bullfinch | Architecture Firm

What People Are Saying

"An immense, never ending well of creative flow!"

Rosie S. | Art Collector

What People Are Saying

“Julie Kanapaux blurs the boundaries of the organic and inorganic…”

Marty F. | Sarasota Herald-Tribune

What People Are Saying

"Julie's art is unique, inspiring and thought provoking."

Melissa K. | Art Collector

What People Are Saying

Her art is composed of dynamic, vibrant images in motion which are never tiring.”

Alina D. | Art Collector

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Mural Installation at the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation / Sarasota, FL

Kan Kan Studios

Osprey, Florida

(By Appointment Only)

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